Wednesday, 9 August 2017

By the Shore

Sat and did this page last week, playing with a new kit (freebie) I got off DaisyTrail, which sadly closes on the 11th of this month. Also purchased a few digi kits in the sale.
Only just found the time to upload it.

used 'vintage vacation' digi kit by Rosie H
image from Gecko Galz 'Splish Splash' sheet 1

Saturday, 29 July 2017

In a mermaid garden and a mythical creature

Day off number 3, alas back to work tomorrow :(  that'll mean no crafting for a few days.

But two for the price of one this morning, digi page done for two challenges.

6 x6 digi page
kit 'Natural Beauty' by Rosie H
image Gecko Galz
quote from web

Removed the image from its background, used the same splatter embellishment three times, re coloured to match the image & resized each time. Grouped together to make one big splat. Added text. 

                    Gecko Galz Papercrafting Challenge Group  (facebook)

Friday, 28 July 2017

J is for jagged and/or the colour kiwi

Got my crafting head on today - to fit the challenge over on the Butterfly blog, love how it turned out, I did use something else as the middle of the flower but it didn't look right when the card was finished so quickly pulled it off and looked in my flower drawer again.

flowers from stash
mulberry papers
gems from The Hobby House
metal butterfly from The Craft Box
lace from stash

and also in a new challenge blog which is Always Anything Goes  day dreamer challenges = #1
Did another 7 day stint at work, honestly they are trying to kill me off, I'm sure of it! Good news and slightly ironic due to the topic of hours on the other posts - my contract has been increased (officially) to 25 hrs from 13 hrs, very pleased with that outcome. 

Couple of days off now, went to Chesterfield to have lunch and a wander round, and of course peruse a few charity shops, ended up with 2 second hand books and then Andrew treated me to Nigel by Monty Don and a Richard and Judy pick , The Muse by Jessie Burton, not read any of her books but the gorgeous cover caught my eye. 

 Today, I ended up getting up at 6.30am..... so much for a lie in!!! Tomorrow is as yet unplanned.

Digi page I did this morning, using 'Fading India' digital kit by Vintaj, picture from yahoo search and a quote from Ramana Maharusi.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Orange peel and M for matching pair

Well, it was a waste of time writing about work in the last post but one, the whole 'doing contract hrs from now on' didn't pan out *lol* back to 24/30 hrs after just 1 week. And ended up working 7 days non stop due to *cough* higher management mucking up the rota. Two days off together were BLISS and I've recharged my batteries..... for now *g*

Actually made a card as well, and got mucky in the process (the best bit).

Over at  Mrs A's buttefly blog, the new challenge is 'M for matching pair and/or the colour orange peel'. As I read it, bright orange splats popped into my mind. I know plain weird eh?

So out came the Vermillion acrylic paint tube and everything did indeed go splat!

I used the vermillion and teamed it with lamp post black paint, and for the 'matching pair' two plain wooden butterfly embellies painted in the Vermillion many times to get the bright orange colour.

The sentiment stamp is from Visible image and stamped in black stazon, finally used a bright orange promarker to edge all the papers.

entering in Butterfly Challenge = Matching pairs and Orange peel

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Calke Abbey

Thursday saw us visiting Calke Abbey, one of my favourite places. Not visited in over a year so it was time to go back! Left the pooches at home so we could wander round the house and gardens - you can take dogs in the estate grounds.

Had a lovely time, this year its all about Hidden Calke, so from 11 - 1215 each morning, they open the 'rooms' in which the last occupants lived in after abandoning the rest of the House, mainly 4 rooms - dining room, study, kitchen and a lounge. These are on the ground floor, the bedrooms and the bathrooms being at the top of the house so they still had a way too walk to go to bed! It was lovely to see how it 'was' lived in before turning it over to National Trust is n 1985 (I think).

After the 'apartments' we had a lovely walk round the estate to Staunton Herald Resevoir and back, took lunch then walked round the rest of the House and the gardens. Wonderful day out even if it rained for most of it.

Some people say its sad to see that state of it and why don't the NT do it up, but I think its hauntingly beautiful in all its decay, a life once lived allowed to rest for evermore.

Friday, 30 June 2017

wine glass tool

20 days since I posted...... 20 days since I actually crafted. What with the heat, work and general stuff I never got round to doing much, so sorry to all the ladies whose challenges I normally take part in.

Well, the heat has gone - to be replaced with rain and dull skies although today looks like it could be nice and bright.

XXX work ramble, please skip if easily bored XX

Work has taken a turn for the worse , but only in the fact that I have gone back down to my contracted hours of 13, for the last couple of months I have been doing 30ish every week. (originally the job was 16hrs as this was the last vacancy when the new shop opened and I didn't want to be on the dole, so i took it, plus with my illness I didn't want full time hours back then)
A colleague has had to transfer onto the Deli counter from her own dept for health reasons so her hours have wiped out overtime hours, not that its her fault. I'm just worried that my little grey cells won't be able to cope with the sudden lack of work stimulation and I slide back into a depression - so trying to avoid this way of thinking I am looking at it as if I am having a rest, extra time out, play time, me time, whatever!

XX work ramble over XX

Last weekend I rejoined a Craft Artist users group and this weeks tutorial/challenge was to use the 'wineglass' tool which alters the transparency of something, in various ways.

Never used this before - didn't even know what it did, so have had a play.

digi kit used - Folk Florals by DaisyTrail
wineglass tool - Radial at 0% opacity (basically formed a circle round her head)

also entering in a Gecko Galz challenge 'orange and yellow'