Monday, 12 September 2016

colour challenge

Over at fripperies and butterflies the colour challenge for August 15th - Sept 14th is based around one of my favourite flowers - the Sunflower.

This time I didn't want to do a card, I wanted to do something different. So I ended up doing a journal page for my ring bound notebook I purchased (going cheap) to pop all my crafty stuff in, so I could keep a better track of challenges, cards etc.
Fate dealt her hand when I visited a blog I haven't been to for simply yonks - I decided to visit Lilac 'n' Lavender and the latest post featured sunflowers so used the lovely designs as my base and played around with Craft Artist and inks.
I used the sunflowers from here and the background for the postcard from here and the sunflower image from here
journal page
I changed the size of the image to fit my page, leaving a little border so if I  rip the page out when the journal is full I can then use it somewhere else. (this is me thinking ahead for once *lol*) In CAP, I dimmed the colour down so it wasn't as bright then printed it off.
page without postcard
I like the over all effect but I could have stamped the sentiment higher. When I printed it out, for some reason my printer decided to 'line' some areas, so I got round those areas by extra smudging with the ink. The middle of the sunflowers were especially bad so I ended up sticking my finger in black pigment ink and fingerprinting the middles which, happily, mimicked the texture of actual sunflower hearts. Using bronze and black pigment inks I smudged away to give it a faded/vintage look. (Also smudged the white page so it would match)
For the pocket I folded over a doily (Dovecraft Floral Muse) and glued down the sides, the bit of lace covered the top nicely, then I just had to find a butterfly which went with the color tones.
I'd found this quote before I visited Lilac n Lavender - fate again! Using CAP I cut out and resized the stem of sunflowers turning them into each corner to make a border, I then cropped the main sunflower image and dimmed that to make a centre piece, over which I wrote the saying. Printed it out and stuck it to the front of one of my many vintage postcards, the back says
Dear Madeline
Wishing you many happy returns on your birthday. With love to all.
Aunt Louise
post mark - Sept 1931 @ 11.30pm Plaistow E13
entering in Fripperies and Butterflies on FaceBook.