Monday, 9 May 2011

Yesterday I had quite a productive day (for me). I ended up doing two birthday cards and three birthday atcs.

this one is for a friend at work who has one of those 0's birthdays this week. I actually intended to do a completely different style of card but didn't like how it was turning out - I was following a project design - so I butchered it and this was the end result. Its from Debbi Moore Desings and from the Evergreen cd.

and this one is for a friend on one of my groups, again from Evergeen. Using offcuts.

I am in love with this cd and the other one I got at the same time - Glitter and Glitz Paris Glamour although I haven't used that one yet as I got some sample papers/toppers in the magazine which I'm going to use first. I have a wedding anniversary coming up so thats going to be perfect for the Paris set.

Bad me watched DM on Create and Craft and now have a list of cd's I want....... christmas presents methinks or though I'm not sure I can wait that long *g*