Wednesday, 21 March 2012

this is becoming addicive...........

its digi Jim, but not as we know it.....

Okay. I really shouldn't be allowed to watch Create and Craft tv.....I sat for a whole two hours watching MichelleJackson Mogford do a Scrapbooking Paper Clinic on Monday night (8pm - 10pm). I was absolutley itching to have a go.....but sleep and work got in the way -  until this afternoon!
The only software I have which is capable of doing this sort thing (in a fashion *lol*) is a freebie copy of  DoCrafts Digital Designer - Forever Friends Black & gold Collection, so I sat and played with that.
And this is the result:

My boxer dog Worf, we lost him to a major stroke in 2007, he was 10 years old and was a complete and utter big soft nutter of a dog who enjoyed a little sip of Stella now and again; plus anyhting he could get his paws on if it was put on the floor!

Monday, 19 March 2012

two new chicks in the hen house

Meet the two new additions to our housedhold!

Agatha and Doris,  Marple (changed her name cos she's so blinking nosey!)

this is Agatha and she's a Light Sussex hen and a little bit camera shy!

and this is Doris, Marple - who is a Black Star

We've had a few ruffled feathers over the last week as the other three hens let them know where they are in the (literal) pecking order, but at the moment its all looking good.... and peaceful.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Who ate all the cake's?

What better way to display yummy homemade cupcakes than on a brightly decorated cake stand. I wanted a 'proper' tiered cake stand fro yonks, but all I kept finding were single tier glass one's. Then I spotted this in an antique shop and it had got my name on!!  Well, maybe not..... but it was fate and therefore I just HAD to buy it.
And now of course, I have to keep baking cakes to use it becasue its too pretty to just sit and gather dust.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

This month see's me with 2 birthdays and of course Mothers Day. All in a week and a half. Better get crafting!

 Dad isn't one for fancy smancy, so I kept his card very simple. I think it turned out alright.

The stamp is from (insert name here)  'Urban collection', I teabagged the car topper to bring the colour together and for a teeny nod towards steam punk, I found 3 little washers in His bits and bobs box. The picture doesn't pick this up very well but I used a small perforating sewing wheel dipped in black ink to make 'tyre tracks' across the card.

Again using a small square card, I decided to do somehting a little bit different for Mother's Day. normally it would be something with blousey with flowers. This year I decided to go for cute and used a NitWit stamp from their sewing collection, and a backing paper. Mounted the stamped image onto red card, colourd a flower in too match the scheme, having cut a tiny bit of the image off when mounting, I used some gold embroidery thread and glued it along the thread in the image so it would overhang slightly. I then decoupaged the needle, arm and ear to give mousey a bit of depth. Lastly I went around the edges with a beige promarker doing haphazard 'stitching' and then stuck a sentiment on.