I'm Amanda aka purplemurtle, I live in Derbyshire with my fiance, 3 cats, 2 dogs and last but not least  hens. (Pru, Gladys, Gertie, Nell & Martha)

I started card making, mainly because I could never find any suitable cards in the shops, once started I found it was also a way to keep my mind occupied, as I suffer from severe depression, I've had it most of my adult life but was only diagnosed properly in 2006.

Now I just love to craft - paper/digital crafting & embroidery.

I'm also a bit of a vintage addict, if at any time you lose me I can be found wandering round antique shops, charity shops and flea markets. Particular penchant for pefume bottles, the coloured fancy glass variety,  (although not in Bakewell Antiques Centre as apparently these are not antiques and cost less then £10, so says the snooty sales assistant!) and any naff piece of Kitchenalia, naff so says aforementioned fiance by the way, I happen to think the bits and bobs I've found a new home for are quirky and add interest to any room.
Hang on a mo, did you read that right - any room?  Yes its slowly spreading outwards from the kitchen.

When I'm not vintaging, (is that even a word?) I'm either at work (boo hiss) or in the veg plot cum wildlife garden cum chicken run, or out roaming the countryside.

Oh, and I also love to read (and collect) books, you know proper books - the ones made of paper which have pretty covers and pages you can turn.... which you can use a proper leather bookmark with. (yes, you've guessed it - I have a collection of bookmarks as well!)

My pen name stems from the fact I love any shade of purple and Murtle, my dearly departed Beagle who we got from a Rescue centre when she was just 1 year old.

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