Friday, 4 June 2010

In my other online life I am a fangirl *sighs* I know, I know, I should really grow up and stop behaving like a hormonally-charged teenager but I always find that bit of eye candy brightens up the dullest of days.

Anyway after watching the last ever Ashes to Ashes (what on earth am I going to watch on Fridays now? Apart from Navy NCIS and Criminal Minds?) I ended up doing an atc of it, sadly inspiration strikes me in the most wierd and wonderful ways *shakes head* I was reading "The Holiday" by Erica James and it had the quote in it, which just about sums Ashes to Ashes up and then I found the backing paper, courtesy of Royal Mail National Savings envelope I had, yes I said my inspiration is wierd! And voila!!

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