Thursday, 1 July 2010

Now I have all my crafting stuff (for want of a better word) upstairs in a corner (which is slowly taking over) of the spare bedroom, I seem to be crafting alot more. Mmm, is that good or bad *g* ANd have now got about 8 atcs to my name, all bundled up in a little, well, bundle! So here's a couple

The top one: the picture is from artezine, with black then copper ink embossesd round the edges. (this was one of my first attempts with an heat gun)

The bottom one: is a mix of crayon (for the background) and acrylic paint (for the filled hearts) with a couple of peel offs I came across.

I'm actually going to post my July dues for ukatc tomorrow *preens* I've never been able to do that as quick! Only now I've got too pick which 3 to send. Yikes.

And I've also done a card for July Cardexchangeuk as well.

I'm being won't last.


  1. Very efficient! Love the ATCs, especially the first one.

    Helen x

  2. *lol* its a scary when I'm being efficient!

    sorry for taking acouple of days to reply. I only drop by blogspot every few days - I thought if anyone commented on your blog I would get a notification email but obviously not.

  3. Hi, Amanda,
    Your ATC's are lovely ! Tks for you kind message in my blog, I'm having to be patient in order to recover soon.
    Hugs, Yone