Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The run upto Christmas was particlularly hard on me this year, resulting in me ringing my doctor to ask for an increase of meds, since Jan/Feb 2009 I've been able to cope on 20mg, but not lately, so I'm back upto 40mg now, at the moment its just not happening ; (
One reasopn we discussed was I could have become used to the actual medication, so might have to go 'cold turkey' and have a med free period before I can start a new sort. I think I will lock myself in a padded room if that has to happen!

UPshot of me being ill again, I mostly have lost the will to craft.( as well as life itself)... It was a hard decision but I decided to take leave of the craft groups montly swaps I take part in. Its not fair to the other ladies if I can't even manage to produce the 3  basic swaps per month. Here's hoping I'll be back soon.

This set of atc's was for January:

and the following card:

this was a decoupge set I bought from Create and Craft! My first proper craft purchase, I think I've only used two flowers from it till this card.

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