Sunday, 20 August 2017

Belton House

A few weeks ago we visited Belton House in Lincolnshire, a National Trust property, we had a lovely day - we originally went so we could visit the old stables which they are renovating - the 'hard hat' tour, but that was off that day as they didn't have enough volunteers to do it, so instead we booked on the 'below stairs' tour which lasted about 1hr and took you through all the Servants quarters/kitchens/pantry etc. Very interesting, in fact I think I enjoyed this more than going round the house - the rooms were beautiful and the Gardens were lovely, especially the Glass house.

This is a picture I took in the Italian garden of the lions head water spout, had a little play with a whimsical digi kit 'Chocolate Lime'

The grounds were HUGE with plenty of sheep (we saw) and Deer (we didn't). Dogs are allowed in the grounds/estate so we will go back and find a longish walk to do..... PLUS its got a second hand book shop!!!

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