Monday, 15 January 2018

O is for One layer/colour ultra pink

Not been around much since my last post, I think the busy Christmas period, and various other happenings as took its toll on me and I've not been very well, I've increased my doseage of meds, so hopefully once they kick in, usually takes a week give or take to get back to what I call 'normal', I should be ok.
Not going to let it get to me, these things happen and I am learning (long curve) to let these things go.

Anyhoo, on the craft!!

The latest Butterfly challenge is O for one layer and/or use the colour Ultra Pink, aha! perfect for a digital project me thinks. Not sure my pink is Ultra but hey ho.

I decided to do a pack of A6 sized notelets.

The design is an embellishment from the digi kit "Artsy Anne" by Rosie H on flickr, I just matched the font colour to the pink. There are four notelets in the pack, I'm thinking £1.50 for the pack - if I don't use them myself!

entering into:  Butterfly Challenege = O and ultra pink

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  1. What a nice idea this is and I love the pretty butterfly design. Thankyou for fluttering into the garden for this challenge. hope you meds kick in soon. Hugs Mrs A.