Sunday, 27 January 2019

Indian Princess @ Digital Whisper

This weeks theme over at Digital Whisper is 'Indian Princess', two things sprung to mind Native American Indians, and the saying that every woman is a princess, no matter of status or age.

I love this photo of the little girl, her eyes are so striking, which when I found the quote, I thought they worked well together.

Both images and quote were from Google search, and the background paper is from Gecko Galz 'SteamPunk Papers' kit.

I digitally cut around the girl and placed her on a 6x6 work page, adding a shadow to her so she 'stood out' then looked through various Gecko Galz paper packs till I found the one I used, I decreased the transparency of the paper and twisted it around a bit to see where the light/darker shaded worked best over the girl. 
I searched for a posse of horse back riders and then cut the image from its photo and increased the size till I was happy with the placement against the girl. Finally using Papyrus font and a white text, I wrote the text on top.

My layers are: horse riders then girl then paper then text. 

                                                           Amanda xx

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