Friday, 8 March 2019

Shades of Green @ Digital Whisper

Joining in with this weeks challeneg at Digital Whisper, shades of green to honour Saint Patricks Day. My great, great x infinity grandma was Irish and she went over to Liverpool in the late 1800's and married my great, great x infinity grandad who was Scottish, the couple then moved to Wales and had a fair few children, who then in turn had my paternal grandad in Derbyshire, so I'm a bit of every nationality and county.

Background from
Butterfly wing cut from Fairy Dust by Gecko Galz
Lady cut from Visions in Green by Gecko Galz
Cameo necklace cut from Tic, Toc & Cameos by Gecko Galz

entering in: Digital Whisper ~ Shades of Green

Amanda xx

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  1. This one has a sort of dream quality. Beautiful shades of green!