Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Bubbles @ Digital Whisper

Joined in the digital fun over at Digital Whisper this week, theme of 'Bubbles' - its amazing what Google (other search engines are available) comes up with when you put "living in a bubble".
Up popped a group called Eiffel 65 with an album called Europop and a song called Living in a Bubble.
Never heard of them, but the written lyrics seemed to fit the tone of what I was aiming for *soapbox moment* We, the Human race are living in a bubble, and if we don't look after our Earth, our bubble is going to burst!

image of bubble & clouds/earth from Pixabay 
lyrics from Eiffel 65

The image was more of an oblong so I matched a plain square to fill the rest of the page, found a nice image of Earth, resized it and played around with 'instant effects' till I found the one that matched being inside a bubble. Added the white font.

entering in: Digital Whisper ~ Bubbles

Amanda xx


  1. Thanks for sharing your journey of creation here. Well done!

  2. Poem is unique and the bubble is creative.

  3. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a bubble! Great work.