Friday, 30 August 2019

Clown @ Digital Whisper

 Wanted to play around with CAP2 today and as I haven't done a digital piece lately I decided to go with  Digital Whisper theme for this week which was Clowns, Love them or hate them? Bit like marmite! Though I'm always reminded of that episode of Buffy, where nightmares/dreams come true and Zander is stalked by a maniacal chuckling clown from his birthday party when he was little.

image from Gecko Galz 'Clowning around domino sheet'
backing paper from Gecko Galz 'Life is a Circus Paper Pack'

I had three attempt at this page, all completely different and this was my last, and I just loved this colour effect on the main image which I cut out from the original picture  - 'red devil', aptly named!
On the background paper, all I did was apply the plasma filter and chose where I wanted the 'light' coming from.

entering in: Digital Whisper = Clown

Amanda xx

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