Monday, 11 November 2019

Fall Colours @ Digital Whisper

Its such a freezing cold day today! Its that cold and wet even my George the Beagle didn't want to go chase our chickens around when he was let out for his toilet break, he stood waiting patiently with Quinn the Collie to be let back in and that NEVER happens.

Been up since 6.30am, had to take Andrew to work, then sit in an empty freezing house (not mine!) for one and a half hours waiting for Log burner fitters to arrive, supposedly 8 / 830am but in actuality 9.30. There's only so many times you can walk round a house and up/down stairs to keep warm!
Then it was off to the hospital with my step mum for her appointment whilst dad house sat the fitters.

My feet are still blocks of ice even though our heating is on, and the laptop fan is making my hands & knees cold.

But there's lots of people who are in worse situations than me, so I shall thank myself lucky I can switch the heating on when I want and stop with the petty grumblings.

Over at Digital Whisper, this weeks theme is Fall Colours, so decided to do a matching piece to last weeks entry, which is the previous post on here.

words from alfawrites on Facebook

This time I used an original photo taken by me at Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire, a National Trust estate and a favourite of ours along with Hardwick Hall in Derbyshire, under layered by the image from the Gecko Galz design sheet and played around with various transparency and effects.
She's representative of Mother Nature looking over her seasonal changes.

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                                                                    Amanda xx


  1. Evocative piece. I don't associate autumn with death AT ALL, but a falling into much-needed slumber before rejuvenation in Spring! Makes me happier that way!

  2. This is awesome. Love the layering and the words you have put with it.
    Thanks so much for sharing your talent in this challenge :)

  3. I like this,
    a great work !
    My contribution :