Tuesday, 31 December 2019

A brand new year @ Digital Whisper

Got a few days off for the New Year so thought I'd grab an hour or two today sorting and saving all  my Gecko Galz images... I have a USB specifically for them, but I don't back it up often enough. Must try better! So then I decided to finish loading all the digi kits into Craft Artist 2, which have been sat waiting forlornly in their file for about one year. Anyway, jobs done, I thought I'd have a little play and do something for new year. 
I keep seeing my favourite vintage shops on FB with photos wishing its the roaring twenties we are about to revisit not the 2020's, so I put this with a Gecko Galz image and this is the result. 
Any spelling mistakes are down to a glass of red, well I was raising a glass like it said.

couples image from 'Shall We Dance' Gecko Galz (discontinued)
clock image from 'Time Flies'  Gecko Galz
fireworks from pixabay

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  1. A lovely way to greet the New Year. May your 2020 be happy and artful!!