Tuesday, 13 September 2011

For my friends birthday in July and also her husbands the same week (and they also got married in the same week as well - no excuse for anyone to forget either celebration *lol*). I made her the card on the left - hubbies is on the right, so when joined up they make quite a romantic scene.

although from the angle of the photo it looks like I'd had a wee drinkeepoo when I took it! (I hadn't!!!!)


This card was made for a work colleagues wedding:

when closed

I love this backing paper, I printed it on normal printer paper as I wanted it to retain its 'worn' look, I slightly frayed the gold ribbon to add to the look.

when open

BLING!!!! amd stick on gems! I loved how it turned out.


I also had lots of fun making these atcs for a swap on UKATC - victorian nudes/risque.

(BUSTY) BERTHA - this one is my favourite, it just makes me smile, I accidently ripped her leg off but decided it loked good as it was and left it.



The birthday card images are off of Debbi Moore's Evergreen cd, the Wedding card off of Glitter & Glitz cd also from Debbi Moore and Bertha, Lola and Patricia are from the art-e-zine website.

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