Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I made this card for R, whose celebrating her 60th this month, I still think the pattern is a little too big - even when I put in the random diagonal of gold gems to break it up. Me thinks I don't need to tell you whose CD it was off of? *lol*

I'v been on a mini spending spree today - essential craft supplies (of course!); a Christmas cd, magazine and chameleon glitter from Debbi Moore, I did want a print magic pot but it had sold out :( , a couple of unmounted stamps from Kaycee crafts and some finger lift tape.
And being a kind and generous soul I ordered a book for my nextdoor neighbour - Carrie 'donates' her cheap paperbook buys to me to take into work for our charity bookstall we do, normally I don't share her reading style but she knew that I liked detective stories and she introduced me to the murky Victorian world of Inspector Faro via the first trilogy, the 1st  was okay but the 2nd  "BloodLine" was amazing! One of those stories you just can't put down, haven't started the 3rd novel yet, so I ordered her the next in the series. when it pops through her letter box I will get a right telling off! *lol*

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