Wednesday, 21 March 2012

its digi Jim, but not as we know it.....

Okay. I really shouldn't be allowed to watch Create and Craft tv.....I sat for a whole two hours watching MichelleJackson Mogford do a Scrapbooking Paper Clinic on Monday night (8pm - 10pm). I was absolutley itching to have a go.....but sleep and work got in the way -  until this afternoon!
The only software I have which is capable of doing this sort thing (in a fashion *lol*) is a freebie copy of  DoCrafts Digital Designer - Forever Friends Black & gold Collection, so I sat and played with that.
And this is the result:

My boxer dog Worf, we lost him to a major stroke in 2007, he was 10 years old and was a complete and utter big soft nutter of a dog who enjoyed a little sip of Stella now and again; plus anyhting he could get his paws on if it was put on the floor!

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