Monday, 13 May 2013

Crich - South Wingfield circular walk

Last weekend (when it was summer!) we went for a 6 mile walk with the 2 doggies, Quinn (collie) and Murtle (beagle).

trying to catch Murtle looking towards the camera is impossible!
loads of BlueBells in the ancient hedgerows, normally flowered and withered by now
where the first half of the walk takes you to - the ruins of Wingfield Manor & the old farm
a corner of the Manor
walking away from Wingfield Manor
Wingfield Manor is now run by English Heritage and in its previous life was the 'prison' of Mary queen of Scots for at least three times.
Lovely walk over some previously unexplored countryside, great views and we ended the day with a lovely coffee at Crich tearooms.
(walk available from derbyshire peakdistrict  and its the crich walk)


  1. Good walk did it other week,was it the tea rooms near the church.

  2. just up a bit from church as you start to head towards corner to Tramway museum, noticed they are now doing evening meals thurs & fri as well x