Thursday, 30 May 2013

Middleton top - middleton moor circular

This walk was again lovely, the weather looked iffy, but the dark clouds just looked menancing and when it was time to picnic, the sun came out. It was only 4 miles, and we picniced back at Middleton Top before we got back to the car. We didn't seem to be walking very long, but looking at the map, it was quite a way! the instructions can be found HERE and its walk 1.
It was quite easy to follow till it got to the buildings of Middleton Mine - they'd all been demolished but it was common sense to which was the 'main' entrance road onto the site which we had to head towards.
Lovely views which you don't get too see if you stay Carsington side/on middleton top trail.

the moor was covered in Cowslips, I have never seen sooooooo many.
looking back to the engine house at Middleton Top
experimental test site....... for fences. Yes, seriously!
Middleton mine.
last but not least, we were being watched!

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