Monday, 1 May 2017

Missed a few challenges over the last couple of weeks, and not crafted much AGAIN. Last week we were on hols, stayed at home but did plenty of things. Two days of walking 4 and 7 miles repesctively, dug a patch of garden ready for the 144 plug plants Andrew bought.. *cough* .... spent a morning with Dad & Delia, went to the docs, had a day in Bakewell - Farmers market in the morning and Food Festival in the afternoon and watched all the coverage of Tour du Yorkshire cycling.
Blimey, need to get back too work to have a rest.

I did make a Wedding box frame but I won't be posting a photo till after the Wedding. To call it my nemesis would be an understatement, although it was more the board at the back of the frame causing me problems.

I received the pea pod gift and it is SO sweet!

crafting will resume shortly.


  1. Lovely that yu had such a great week off Amanda! And wow, that cruet is just so cute! I love it!


    Di xx