Tuesday, 9 May 2017

So here's the Wedding frame I did for my lovely Department Manager and his wife.

I got the box frame from The Range 8x8. The die is a DoCrafts/X cut one, I didn't mind spending £11 on it as I was thinking of doing some and putting them up for sale..... since I made this and it was such an utter @X@X@X@ of a thing to get right I may have changed my mind. The cutting was great, cut through 180gsm white card no problems, placed the coloured paper behind  - looked great. Getting in the frame - not so great. After plenty of fiddling, snipping (on the back it said that the insert would be 7x7..... well they @X@X@X lied!!!!) and fiddling some more I FINALLY got it in, The came the backing board.... I  managed to push it back on, secure it and turn it face up - little tiny shavings of the board had rubbed off and landed in the frame.... so off it came, design out, shake the frame, place design back, put board back and repeat at least seven times.. around the 3rd repeat a bottle of wine mysteriously appeared on my craft desk.....finally managed it with no shavings. 


Turned it round..... perfect..... then noticed a slight crease in the paper near the frame.

"oh well, no one will notice"

I did. 

Every time I walked past it.

I resisted it a whole day.

Then I gave in and had to do something about it.

So out it all came, paper was unstuck, I didn't want to waste another lovely coloured sheet so I ended up using the die's border and cutting it out from the white card and using it as a topper. And this time everything went back in without a hitch.

The end.

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  1. Good grief Amanda - that was a task and a half wasn't it? Mind you, the end result really is stunning! Sure to be treasured.


    Di xx