Friday, 30 June 2017

wine glass tool

20 days since I posted...... 20 days since I actually crafted. What with the heat, work and general stuff I never got round to doing much, so sorry to all the ladies whose challenges I normally take part in.

Well, the heat has gone - to be replaced with rain and dull skies although today looks like it could be nice and bright.

XXX work ramble, please skip if easily bored XX

Work has taken a turn for the worse , but only in the fact that I have gone back down to my contracted hours of 13, for the last couple of months I have been doing 30ish every week. (originally the job was 16hrs as this was the last vacancy when the new shop opened and I didn't want to be on the dole, so i took it, plus with my illness I didn't want full time hours back then)
A colleague has had to transfer onto the Deli counter from her own dept for health reasons so her hours have wiped out overtime hours, not that its her fault. I'm just worried that my little grey cells won't be able to cope with the sudden lack of work stimulation and I slide back into a depression - so trying to avoid this way of thinking I am looking at it as if I am having a rest, extra time out, play time, me time, whatever!

XX work ramble over XX

Last weekend I rejoined a Craft Artist users group and this weeks tutorial/challenge was to use the 'wineglass' tool which alters the transparency of something, in various ways.

Never used this before - didn't even know what it did, so have had a play.

digi kit used - Folk Florals by DaisyTrail
wineglass tool - Radial at 0% opacity (basically formed a circle round her head)

also entering in a Gecko Galz challenge 'orange and yellow'

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