Sunday, 2 July 2017

Calke Abbey

Thursday saw us visiting Calke Abbey, one of my favourite places. Not visited in over a year so it was time to go back! Left the pooches at home so we could wander round the house and gardens - you can take dogs in the estate grounds.

Had a lovely time, this year its all about Hidden Calke, so from 11 - 1215 each morning, they open the 'rooms' in which the last occupants lived in after abandoning the rest of the House, mainly 4 rooms - dining room, study, kitchen and a lounge. These are on the ground floor, the bedrooms and the bathrooms being at the top of the house so they still had a way too walk to go to bed! It was lovely to see how it 'was' lived in before turning it over to National Trust is n 1985 (I think).

After the 'apartments' we had a lovely walk round the estate to Staunton Herald Resevoir and back, took lunch then walked round the rest of the House and the gardens. Wonderful day out even if it rained for most of it.

Some people say its sad to see that state of it and why don't the NT do it up, but I think its hauntingly beautiful in all its decay, a life once lived allowed to rest for evermore.

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  1. This sounds a fasinating place to visit. Hugs Mrs A.