Friday, 18 October 2019

Feature Day @ Gecko Galz

Today is my day to feature my Design Team project for the month of October over at Gecko Galz.

I have a collection of glass jars & bottles, supposedly to use in projects... well, they'd only go in the recycle bin.… and finally, with this project I used three. (you don't need to know how many is left!)

I found a lovely simple tutorial on how to alter the bottles with paint, I even wrote down the web address, but I cannot find it anywhere.

Sand paper
clean jars
acrylic paint on white, brown and black
kitchen towel
paint brush

1 -  Sand down the glass jar/bottle, this will give the paint something to hold to, keep changing direction as this will make it look more distressed.
2 -  Mix brown and white with a little bit of water and brush onto the jar, then lightly dab off with a piece of kitchen towel. Should be left with a mottled effect. (I had about three attempts till I got the right shade I wanted)
3 - mix black with a little bit of water and then flick it at the bottle, (this is very messy and I ended up doing it in my craft room bin) so it leaves little splodges. Then lightly dab off again. I used the tiniest amount of water as I preferred the blacker look.

Left them to dry and went to sort out my labels from Spooky Tickets.
The tall bottle is Brain Juice. middle size Dried Warts and the little one Broomstick Fleas, this one I had to slightly alter as the original label was to long for my bottle so in CAP2 I turned it into a landscape ticket, copied and pasted so I had two the same - a main one to use and the other to digitally cut up to turn the wording portrait as well, then 'joined' them back together to make a label which fit.
I used mod podge to adhere the labels to the bottles, I found it easier to mod podge both the bottle and the label.

I wanted a stand for the witchy collection, looking round I found an old video tape box, one of those plastic ones which snaps shut, which was a perfect height and shape, next step was to find something to cover it in - I found the perfect book cover in Haunted Ephemera, resized it big enough to cover the top and spine of the tape box, and made a spine title which matched the original title of the book.
Added a bit of spider web & two spiders from a bargain Halloween pack from last years sale. Knew they would come in handy.

I'm keeping a look out for more Halloween stuff I can add to this, at the time of writing not much Halloween merchandise is out in the shops.
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Amanda xx

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  1. Love your creations with thes fabulous designs! Thanks for the sheet!