Monday, 30 April 2012

My uncle's birthday is looming. As he is a keen (and very good!) photographer I wanted to use one of his photo's for his card. I used a particular favourite of mine, knowing that it would fit with the Steam Stock digikit I had.

Now just need to find some nice card stock to print it on.... with the gales and the rain we've had just lately, we've ended up with a few broken rooftiles, crumbling pointing, a soggy carpet and two damp walls. 
The Council have been and inspected the damage, and have declared 'scaffolding needs ordering'. What happened to the good old days when one man and his very long ladder came along and fixed stuff???

Hence all my craft stuff is piled to one side out the way, waiting for dryer climes.
Totally ironic random fact: we have scaffolding on the front of our house ready for new fascia's to be fitted on the guttering.......

We will match both sides soon.

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