Thursday, 16 April 2015

Bertie Blue's

Over at lunagirl, the theme for the current challenge is Spring Chickens, I wanted to do something fun and created this faux vintage label, digitally.

image from Lunagirl's '55 Birds Vintage Labels'
elements from digi kits.
Using CraftArtist, I punched the main Rooster image out of the label and then placed him in the middle of my work page, I then went to work on the wording, changing fonts and sizes when needed. I then placed the wording round the image and added some edging to finish the label off.
It was a quite a simple page to do, but a lot of faff doing the writing & the positioning.
in honour of Bertie:
We used to have a cockerel named Bertie, originally when we purchased him & his little sister, we named him Gertie as we were assured that they were both point of lay.... therefore both hens. Imagine our surprise when we out in the garden a few weeks later and Gertie let out a strangled cockadoodledoo call! I don't know who was my surprised us or Bertie!! Henceforth he was Bertie and for the next three years, we and all our village (or so it seemed) woke to the sounds of his early morning crowing, he was that loud I was dreading someone complaining but no one ever did.
He also had a very good kick on him, learnt from experience never to turn your back on him as he would, if he felt like it, run up to you and launch himself at the back of you legs, giving you such a kick it would knock you flying. Rooster Bruiser! If you managed to turn round before he did it and stare at him he'd just waddle by as if nothing was wrong.
Sadly one day I went to let the gang out, we had 5 birds by then, I opened the door and Bertie had crowed his last crow ; (    He's now buried in the garden, silently crowing over his girls.



  1. Oh my, your faux label is GREAT! I love it ~ and I love that it's in honor of Bertie. I really enjoyed your post. I so pleased my Spring Chickens challenge at has inspired some really great creations and posts! ~ Karen

  2. awww what a cute story. I had chickens too but none so cute or naughty as Bertie. Really inspiring story and love your label! ~Lady T