Monday, 22 August 2016

Anything Goes

This card took me hours!!!! And all because I wasn't happy with the right hand I decided to add a flower...... dropped the bead box and lost the last matching flower for the middle....made a sentiment and stuck that on flower, looked naff so pulled it off......then chopped it up and stuck that on, looked naffer.......did another flower & sentiment, ditto.....did another flower......back in the bead box - found another white flower so then pulled middle off of one of the flowers, stuck the white on that and then stuck the original onto the new flower.  Phew!

And for the love of all things Craft, why is it when you want a gem to stick exactly where you put it, it keeps dropping off but when you accidently drop it on your work in the completely worse place possible it sticks like you've used the strongest superglue EVER???

patterned velum by Laurence Llewelyn Bowen
white flowers coloured by Almond & Pastel Blue promarkerx
Dovecraft 'Floral Muse' doily
image from Lunagirl 'Butterfly Cards'
gems, flowery middles, lace and pins from stash


  1. Well, after all that it turned out BEAUTIFUL and perfect! So I guess it was meant to be. Gorgeous color palette, perfect use of the flowers and pearls, and of course I love the vintage feel of it. (LOVE the two little hat pins!) Thanks for showcasing a Lunagirl image in such a lovely card, and thanks for joining in my August challenge at Lunagirl ~ Karen

    1. thanks Karen, I loved how it eventually turned out x