Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Pearl Wedding Anniversary

Funny how having a conversation about a colouring app on a phone, led me to getting commissioned to make a Pearl Wedding Anniversary card.

I wanted to use this embossing folder, but couldn't decide on what to do with it, so after loosing about an hour in Pinterest looking for inspiration, I was still none the wiser! So I decided to wing it and did the design step by step, it sort of made itself, though I did get carried away with the pearls again....
the edging was a border die cut into two. The large flower came from The craft Box and the others from my stash.

Many, many pearls later, it was finished, I decided to do a box for it as sticking it in an envelope would have squashed everything, so I decided to google how to make a box...… square, triangle, A4...…. many many pages later.…. I found  this ladies tutorial and it was easy to understand and do!! So I tried it in thin card first, then once it actually looked like a box, I redid it in a thicker creamier card and it folded a lot easier and neater.

Only thing was, it looked a bit boring just plain, so I used the middle of the border I cut into, and die cut two little hearts and stuck two heart gems on them. Just enough to make it look pretty.  The last touch was to put some white crepe paper in the bottom of the box.

Amanda xx