Sunday, 24 January 2016


I had so much fun making the cute little calendar cards, I decided to make one for Andrews birthday.

Gecko Galz Steampunk Papers - Picture It
plane from Google search
Using CAP2 I resized the backing paper, then imported the image and used the photo editor to blank out the white space surrounding the image, then turned it sepia to match the tones. I picked a font that I thought matched the theme of the card and printed the words out separately.
Ah! the words...... bit of an odd choice for a vintage by-plane, don't you think?? Well, yes but their referencing one of our favourite films 'The Mummy'.
I kept everything to scale and printed onto an A4 card, then assembled the front of the card whilst it was flat - using a promarker to go round the edges of the sentiments to make them stand out. The two washers came out of a tin full of diy bits and bobs.
Last thing to do was refold and glue.

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