Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Last week  saw dad get admitted to hospital again, after passing out and having severe pain and breathing difficulties, again it was put down to anemia - given two pints of blood this time along with an iron infusion. All his tests had to be repeated - still no show of internal bleeding. So after a couple of days observation, it was finally concluded that it was his medication from having two stents in,  last February, Trig something or other. Dad only had to take it for a year, which meant that this prescription would have been his last. Anyway, the Consultant apologized for not coming to this conclusion in November last year when he was first admitted with this problem.
We, as a family didn't need this apology - dad has always received the best treatment and care from the NHS hospital we use. Yes, they said (the first time) the medication could be playing a part in the anemia but they needed to do other tests to see if there was any other problem internally.
As it turns out, there wasn't - which is a huge relief.

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